Kumon Victoria Centre Newsletters

We try and put out a monthly newsletter to keep parents and students up to date with what is going on at the centre. If there is anything you think we should put into our newsletters, don't hesitate to let us know!

Newsletter - October 2017

Kumon Awards Event - Sunday,  November 19, 2017

3 PM, St. Aidan's Church, 3703 St. Aidan's St. Victoria, B. C.

Families are encouraged to mark this exciting event on their calendar!

Many students will be recognized, including those who have achieved Honour Roll Status and those dedicated students who have studied at our centre for a year or longer.

There will be treat bags for all, door prizes, refreshments, activities, and a photo booth!

An invitation will be emailed to all students early in November.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


June 2017 is Free Registration Month

Register this month and you will save $50 off the registration fee. 

For more information, or to book an introductory meeting and free no-obligation skills assessment, please email linda@kumonvictoria. ca or telephone 250 479 1800.


September 2016 Newsletter Update

Welcome Back, Everyone! Hope you had a great summer!

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Kumon September 2016 Newsletter

Holiday Closure - Monday, August 29 to Thursday, Sept. 1

As usual, the centre will be closed the week before Labour Day, from Monday, August 29 to September 1, in order to allow us some time to prepare for the start of the fall season.  We will re-open on Tuesday, September 6. Students will receive assignments for completion during that week and may make up the classes if they wish. 

September Notes

Typically, Labour Day week is very busy, as students settle into their fall routines.  Most students find that it makes an easier transition if they attend only one class this first week, resuming their regular schedule the next week.  Monday-only students should attend the Labour Day week on another class day - just come when you can to check in.

We also are aware that after school  activities are still being arranged and so schedules can be a bit erratic.  In order to ensure that your child receives the best possible experience at Kumon, we ask that you let us know about any necessary class schedule changes as soon as you can so that attendance within the centre can be balanced.  

Spring Break Newsletter 2016

This newsketter contains information about our holiday schedule.

Kumon Newsletter December 2015

Click the link to read about the exciting centre activitites planned for December!


September 2015 Newsletter

Checking Your Child's Homework. 

Students make the best progress when parents are engaged with their learning. For the little ones, that an mean listening to them practise their letter sounds out loud as they trace the letters in the worksheets, or checking  their number recognition orally as they work.  It also means letting them turn their worksheet pages themselves and otherwise encouraging as much independence as they can manage. 

As the kids get older, it generally means monitoring  daily routines and  marking work regularly. 

August 2015 Newsletter

We welcome the return of our holidaying July students and wish our vacationing August student a lovely holiday.

Labour Day is quite late this year and students who are currently on August break may want  to pop into class during the week of August 24-27 to check in and arrange a make up class. This is particularly important for those kids whose only class day is Monday. 

Any missed classes may be rescheduled and you need only email centre@kumonvictoria.ca to arrange a make-up class.

February 2015 Newsletter

Spring Break 2015Spring Break 2015 

With Spring Break fast approaching we know that thoughts turn to family vacations or outings.  Kumon can still play an important part in those holidays, taking only a few minutes a day to keep on top of academic progress. 

The  centre will be open regular hours during the week of March 9th, although assignments will be provided in advance for the convenience of those  with attendance conflicts.  We will be closed during the second week of Spring Break.  Completion of assignments is optional and will be provided on request.  Please email centre@kumonvictoria.ca for more information about Spring Break hours and assignments. 

September 2014 Newsletter

Welcome Back!

We want to welcome all returning students, new student and those who have been hard at work at their Kumon studies all summer. This will be an exciting year of academic achievements for everyone! We encourage feedback from parents either by email, a quick centre visit or during a longer scheduled meeting. Any questions about procedures can be dealt with quickly, although progress meetings should be scheduled by appointment.

Introducing Kumon Plus

Kumon Plus is our exciting new loyalty program.  Every student will earn points which can be redeemed at our new website, www.kumonplus.com.  Sign up, and browse the site for more details.

May 2014 Newsletter

Summer Study 2014

As the school year winds down and thoughts turn to carefree holiday adventures, we suggest that a little thought be given to Kumon. Daily Kumon takes only a little time out of each summer day and the rewards are great. Kumon is portable and assignments may be taken on vacation. Regular tuition rates apply, but missed classes may be re-scheduled to other sessions in the summer. Just let us know when you will be away and we will prepare holiday packages for you. Classes will be held on the same days and the same hours as during the school year.

Students have received a summer study schedule in their pouches this past week. Please take a moment to complete and return the form by May 31.  Please note that all absences require a calendar  month's notice, even those that occur in the summer.

February 2014 Newsletter

Should I Correct My Child’s Mistake on the Spot?

No. When you see your child make a mistake in his or her daily Kumon work, it’s natural to want to “help” by pointing it out before the work is marked. But, while it’s totally understandable, please resist doing so as developing an ability to self correct errors is a key element of self-learning.

One of the key principles of Kumon is the belief that it’s important for children to learn from their mistakes. allowing kids to detect  their own errors, without being shown. Only step in when all efforts to self correct fail.

This is why it’s important for you to mark the daily work as soon as your child completes a packet so that the student is able to find errors right away, preventing the repetition of mistakes during the course of the week. 

December 2013 Newsletter

Kumon’s Prize Store

Kumon’s Prize store is being held the week of December 9-12.  Students should bring their Kumon dollars to class and will be able to “buy” their prizes in the store, which will be set up in the waiting room. Sorry, parents, the waiting room will not be  available during prize week.  The kids will still complete their regular assignments and will visit the store at the end of their class session.

Christmas Holidays

The centre will be closed during the same two weeks as School District 61, from  Monday, December 23, re-opening on Monday, January 6, 2014.  Students will receive holiday assignments and may make up the missed classes in the new year if families wish.

If you are planning an extended vacation, just let us know and we will prepare holiday assignments for you.

August 2013 Newsletter

Going Away on Vacation?

Summer is a fantastic time for your student to make progress and move ahead of his or her peers. However, even the most dedicated student can be thrown off track during vacation time.

Kumon work should be completed daily, even while on vacation. Help your child progress during the family vacation by designating a daily "quiet" time, so he or she can complete Kumon work; morning is usually the best time, before the family is distracted by other activities. Set a good example yourself by reading or doing other "quiet time" activities while your child completes the worksheets. As always, tell your instructor in advance if you're going away, so he or she can prepare vacation work ahead of time.

June 2013 Newsletter

Is the Kumon Program Enrichment or Remediation?

The beauty of Kumon is that it’s tailored to your child’s individual needs, be it enrichment or remediation.

Students begin at a comfortable starting point, just before the place in the Kumon Placement Test where they began to have problems. By starting at the point just prior to the spot where problems began, the student is less likely to become discouraged – each lesson worksheet is one small step more advanced than the previous lesson.

Kumon’s short-term goal is for each student to reach grade level and move into the enrichment category within 12 months. Of course, some students may take longer, and others may achieve this goal more quickly.