The Kumon Method

Tutoring prepares for tests. Kumon prepares for life.

Kumon’s time-tested method allows us to tailor lesson plans to the unique needs of our students, which fosters self-learning and an innate desire in our students to achieve more on their own.

Our methodology for learning transforms the lives of our students. It’s a transformation that children will carry with them beyond the classroom. Our focus is not simply on getting a better grade on the next exam: it’s on the most important lesson of all, the value of self-learning.

The Kumon Method

Self-Learning — The Kumon Curriculum is divided into levels, each one building upon the last. This method, coupled with the instructor’s strategic lesson plan, will enable your child to learn on his or her own while fostering creative thinking and analytical skills.

Success from the Start — We ensure that your child begins the Kumon Curriculum at a “comfortable starting point”—a carefully determined level based on an assessment of his or her abilities. This starting point may be at a level below your child’s current grade in school. In the Kumon Method, each child begins at a point in the curriculum that is most beneficial to his or her development, so he or she can develop strong study skills, build confidence, and establish a routine with Kumon.

Advancing at the “Just Right” Level — At Kumon, your child will always study at the “just right” level—one matched to his or her abilities. This allows your child to gain solid comprehension of each new concept before moving ahead. Your child’s “just-right” level of learning is not determined by age or grade, but by his or her ability.

Comprehending Each Concept — At the center, your child will work through his or her assignment until each problem is understood. Assignments are timed and graded, and students will set goals to ensure comprehension of each new concept introduced. As your child progresses, he or she will work to complete the assignment within a recommended time period to help your child develop a strong and truly comprehensive understanding of each concept.

Practice Makes Perfect — Kumon’s daily assignments nurture a strong work ethic, concentration skills, and critical thinking skills. The consistent practice through short daily assignments helps to nurture an innate understanding of the math and reading material being learned and helps students build focus and discipline.

Maximizing Potential — Our instructors will guide your child to perform at his or her highest potential, surpassing expectations of what is possible by creating individualized lesson plans for your child.