How Kumon Works

Kumon: Preschool through Grade 12

Kumon is the world’s largest after-school math and reading academic enrichment program. Our personalized approach helps children learn math and reading concepts based on their ability rather than their age or grade. Since the curriculum is individualized for each child, it allows students to comprehend the new material fully before moving ahead. With our emphasis on self-learning, preschool through high school students become self-reliant and gain confidence to learn new materials at their own pace.


Each exercise in Kumon’s Curriculum is carefully designed to encourage self-learning, because new concepts build on previously mastered ones. From counting to calculus and basic phonics to advanced reading comprehension, your child will progress at a pace that’s right for them while they develop a love of learning.

Kumon’s Materials Development and Instruction Department studies how students solve the worksheet problems, and the curriculum is revised periodically to improve the students’ experience in learning new concepts independently.


Our enrichment program enables children to study high school-level material when they are ready, regardless of age, and prepares them to achieve success both inside and outside the classroom. In the United States, more than half of Kumon math students study material that is above their grade level, and 24 percent of those students are learning materials two to three years above their grade in school.

Global Impact

More than four million children in 47 countries are gaining confidence and strong study habits through the Kumon Method of Learning. Kumon gives students of all ages and abilities the chance to build the skills necessary for a richer, more successful educational experience. We believe all children can maximize their potential by practicing the Kumon Method of Learning.

Getting a Head Start

It’s never too early to nurture your child’s curiosity and interest in learning. Young children often demonstrate an extraordinary ability to absorb information and learn new concepts. At Kumon, children are introduced to the basic skills required to learn math and reading through individualized lesson plans, advancing through the material at their own pace. We help children as young as three years of age develop a love of learning and build essential skills to begin school with confidence. We believe each child has enormous potential to become capable, confident and eager learners.

Lasting Benefits for Your Children:

  • Positive attitude and passion for learning
  • Nurture children’s natural curiosity and intellectual development
  • Confidence and self-esteem instilled by a continual sense of accomplishment
  • Improved concentration and study habits
  • Mastery of math and reading concepts
  • Desire and motivation to learn on their